Village Handcraft

Village Handcraft is a storefront and workshop in Wiscasset, Maine, run by Eric McIntyre. He creates handmade goods for use in home and kitchen, such as handmade brooms and carved wooden spoons. You’ve likely spotted a broom made by him in some of my own photos!Eric takes many of his own pictures but reached out to me to capture the process of his handcrafts. He had an article coming up in a woodworking magazine and wanted to include quality imagery to tell the story of his craft.

You can see more of Eric’s work here.

a personal branding photoshoot for artisan in Wiscasset, Maine

"Getting to work with Melissa to document my craft business was excellent. As a small craft business owner, I'm often working quickly to create my products and rarely slow down enough to document the work in action. She put me right at ease as I worked through several projects and she captured photos of my process and my finished goods. Melissa's eye for space, objects, and light helped capture a sense of intimacy and closeness, making it possible even for folks viewing online to feel like they are right there looking over my shoulder as I carve."

Eric McIntyre

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