As a brand photographer, I specialize in two enchanting realms: teaching you the art of DIY brand photos and conjuring captivating, done-for-you brand photography in an editorial style. Get ready to uncover the secrets of mystical photography, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

You need photos as enchanting, daring, and wild as the business you’ve created.

and you only haveSeconds to grab their attention!

I'll help you harness the power of visuals to enchant your brand.

I tell the story of handcraft artisans, plant people, local farms, wild + whimsical souls, and nature-based brands through captivating imagery.

I can document you and your business in an engaging and authentic way, or, teach you how to take your own photos and rock the DIY route.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to help you tell the story of your business, but first- here’s mine:

I’m Melissa KeySER

Personal Brand Photographer + Online Educator

When I started my first business, I couldn’t afford a branding photographer, so like the true DIYer that I am, I figured it out myself. Soon, friends and colleagues were asking me for tips on how to take their own photos. I created an online program that morphed into the Quarter Moon Studio.

I loved having a camera in my hand so much that I started taking photos for friends, and after a few sessions, I was HOOKED. 

My background in exploratory education, homesteading, herbalism, and garden design all came together to form the perfect potion, and I realized I was uncommonly good at noticing the small details others may miss and capturing the magic of everyday work!

Brand photography was an accident.




Through captivating photography. I help tell the story of...  

Getting great photos for your business can be easier and more fun than you ever dreamt; 

you just need someone to demystify the process and guide you through each step, or to simply take them for you—so you can get back to doing the magic you do best!

Teach me to take photos

Take photos for me