I know we just met… but we’re practically already basically BFFs.

That’s how I want you to feel during your photo session with me- like hanging out with an old friend…who just happens to be holding a camera.

Branding photography doesn’t have to be just another smiling photo at a laptop or a stiff and awkward headshot. I’m here to follow you around on a steamy summer day as you wildcraft herbs, capture the intimate details as you work on your craft while peering over your shoulder, or get down in the dirt while documenting your harvest.

Maine Portrait Photographer 

Hey, I'm Melissa Keyser!

You need photos as enchanting, daring, and wild as the business you’re building so you can reach your clients and customers!

Let them see a glimpse of who you are and the work that you do through authentic and powerful imagery. 

From elevated headshots to capturing behind-the-scenes of your craft, from product photos that say “take my money” to images for social media that connect, nurture, and sell, I can help you bring your brand to life.

Every small business has a story, let me help you tell yours!

Different ways we can work together


Branding Photography

starting at $500

If you offer workshops as part of your business, you need photos to market them! High-quality documentary photos will give your future participants a glimpse into the event.

Whether you’re hosting a pop-up dinner event, teaching a hand-on workshop, or anything in between, I’ll shoot on silent and fade into the background, capturing the experience of being there without getting in the way of you or your participants. 

Documenting Events + Workshops


starting at: $250

With more and more customers shopping online, high-quality images of your products has never been more important- or easier to get! 

Working from my studio in Maine, I’ll create beautiful, high-quality images that showcase your product, elevate your brand, and create the desire for your customers to buy. All you need to do is ship your products to me!

I specialize in botanical-based skincare, herbal products, and intentional home goods like candles or ceramics.

Remote Product Photography


starting at $250

Let's ditch those handheld selfie profile pics to represent you online! My customized portrait sessions will help you share your story with confidence. From updated headshots to casual portraits, let's create images that truly represent you.

Not a business but want to do a creative portrait shoot instead or take photos to celebrate you? Pull out the fairy wings, the flower crown, and the poofy dresses, let’s bring all your wild and whimsical dreams to life! 



starting at $200

My style can be described as...


A photoshoot should be fun, creative, and meaningful- not just another thing on your (never ending) to-do list! 

I focus on authenticity versus posed portraiture, and I shoot a variety of angles and will guide you on what to do while still being yourself and doing the work that you do. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a plan, know what to wear, or know what to do- I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way!

Just so you know, I'm always down for an adventure!

Wanna hike up a mountain? Let’s do it! Paddle out on the pond? Tell me when and I’ll grab my swimsuit!  Wade out into the swamp for some stunning creative moss-girl portraits? I’ll grab the bug spray.

Whatever you decide, take me along because I am here for it all.

Not local to me in Maine?
I'm open to travel! 

What the process looks like


I know it can be hard to part with those hard-earned dollars, so let’s make sure get to know each other first and make sure it’s a good fit! I’ll send you my online calendar and we can set up a time to chat.

TEll me about your project

Can we chat ?


Pick a date, fill out your questionnaire, and sign your provided contract. Since we all know the weather in New England changes every five minutes, we’ll be in communication when it gets closer about whether we’ll need to reschedule.

If you’re doing a remote product shoot, you will need to pop on over to the post office and mail them off. I will be keeping an eye out for Pam, my postal lady, to drop them off at my door.

Consider it a date!


No two brands are the same, and we’ll tailor your shoot plan to hit where you most need it to. 

Before the shoot, I’ll run an audit of your online stuff, and more to see what needs updating, and we’ll devise a set of overarching storylines to help guide your shoot. If needed, I’ll create a Pinterest board with creative directions so we know we’re on the same page

Approach with strategy


Epic creations

Remember how I said we’re basically BFFs? Our sessions will be casual, like hanging out with an old friend…who just happens to be holding a camera. We’ll laugh and at some point, there will probably be tea (or a cocktail) involved. If you have animals around, there is a sure forecast of snuggles and pets.

My goal is to create a safe, fun, and no-bullshit space for you to shine and feel comfortable in front of the camera. If needed, I’ll give you gentle guidance and suggestions for how to stand or what to do.


2-3 weeks after your session, you'll receive an email to view your online gallery, maybe sooner!

I typically know the day of your session how much editing I have ahead of yours so feel free to ask. You will receive a download link to your gallery, which will be available for 30 days after delivery. 

Download your photos and put them to good use!

Gallery Delivery


Ready to do this?

Let's Go!

Arrowsic, Maine

Silybum arts + Fogwood Gardens

Maria, Flower Farmer + ARtist

Her relaxed personality and passion for her work are contagious, and now I actually enjoy when she takes my       

Melissa has done many photoshoots for my business, and I always eagerly await gallery delivery day! Whether she is photographing products for a shop update, behind the scenes in a workshop, or fending off mosquitos in the flower gardens, she always captures beautiful images. As someone who isn’t usually comfortable having her photo taken, I appreciate Melissa’s direction and patience. Having cohesive, professional images to represent my business has increased my sales and content interaction, and has made me feel more confident about my creations. I highly recommend Melissa for any photography vision you have in mind.


I worked with Melissa to get photos of my weaving studio and products. She was professional, personable, and made being in front of the camera easy.  Bonus: she loves animals and seamlessly welcomed my very curious cat into our photo shoot!"

I love her eye for detail; the styled products shots she took are some of my                   . 


Wiscasset, Maine

Cultivated Thread

Hilary, A Weaver

I'm often working quickly to create my products and rarely slow down enough to document the work in action.  Melissa's eye for space, objects, and light helped capture a sense of intimacy and closeness, making it possible even for folks viewing online to feel like they are right there looking over my shoulder as I carve.

She put me right at              as I worked through several projects and she captured photos of my process and my finished goods.


Wiscasset, Maine

Village Handcraft

Eric, a woodwoorker 

Kind words from my clients

Up for the DIY route instead?